Meet the family

Robin & Lynda Smith are the two people you are most likely to encounter when you take a holiday with Rolyn Travel. (Notice our business name is an amalgam of our names - we couldn't really call ourselves Smith's Travel!)

Rob & Lynda
Rob was born in Hertfordshire and all his working life has been involved in road transport of one sort or another. For many years he worked as a mechanic before becoming invloved in the passenger transport business. Rob does most of the driving, a job which he loves, and over the years has driven hundreds of thousands of miles throughout the U.K and near continent. For enjoyment Rob likes to watch T.V and occasionally gets involved in one of Lynda's many projects.
Lynda originally comes from Norfolk. She trained as a secretary and when the business started in 1985, divided her time between doing the office work, driving her own coach and looking after the children. Now the driving takes a back seat (no pun intended) and she spends most of her time attending to the copious amounts of paperwork involved in coach operating, thinking up new holiday ideas, tour planning, writing the brochure, and 101 other administrative duties. Lynda also accompanies all the tours and some of the excursions as tour manager and guide. In whatever time is left she can be found researching her family history, collecting old postcards and working on a major War Memorial project, with an occasional foray into the garden.

Our son Richard, and daughter Claire, although not directly involved in the business, give us a great deal of support. Richard is a fully qualified vehicle technician, with a particular knowledge of vehicle electrical systems.

Claire Claire has a BTEC in travel and tourism and works as a corporate travel agent. She has now taken on the onerous task of keeping the website updated. If you visit the website and find it is slightly out of date, please don't blame her. It is probably because mum has forgotten to tell her that changes have occurred!

This website, and Lynda's computer programmes, which help to keep all the bookings in some sort of order, would not have been possible without the help of Sean Walsh. Sean set up the original website and is responsible for dragging Lynda into the 21st century.

Evelyn, Lynda's mum, lives in a "granny annex" attached to the house. Over the years she has been a very important member of the team. She looked after the children when they were young and now mans the phone when we are away on tour. Evelyn is a keen bowler. If you telephone us in the summer and are greeted by the ansaphone, it usually means a battle is being fought out on the bowling green.


The real boss, at least according to her, is Fay - lapdog, watchdog, guard dog and personal fitness trainer.